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Sabe February 12, 2004 05:13

Grid does'nt move!?
Hi, Problem description: I do want to solve a transient problem with a rotating grid. Therefor, I defined a ASI in a .MAC file, that is executed before the coputation. When I test the event using the EVPREP, it works. The comiling with pmovlink worked without problems and the computation was successful as well. BUT when it comes to check the transient file, the grid did not move, explaining the weird results I obtained! How can that be? With regards, SaBe

Jörn Beilke February 12, 2004 06:21

Re: Grid does'nt move!?
1) evfi conn

2) load ,, or trload ,,

if you use the gui then there is a button with "static grid/moving grid"

when using the command line the moving grid is on by default

if you forget to connect the event file you can use "getv coor" to get the new vertex positions.

Sabe February 12, 2004 07:49

Re: Grid does'nt move!?
Dear Jörn Beilke, I forgot to say, that the problems where at the post transient file, that means everything works well, the evn file is created, the evt also, the pstt is written, but the grid did not moving during the computation, although the testing before starting the computation of the events and moving grids was successfull! regards, SaBe

Thomas February 13, 2004 06:32

Re: Grid does'nt move!?
a long time ago, that i did moving grid problems, but i rember there is a file (pmov.out?) where all commands from prostar-batch are listed. have a look at this file!



john February 13, 2004 06:50

Re: Grid does'nt move!?
just another possibility- (This is applicable only when mesh is uniform and especially rotating mesh). If everything is fine, you may be moving the mesh such that next node is getting moved to the successive nonmoving node. This way mesh will appear as not moving. generally moving distance should be kept less that the half of the distance between two successive nonmoving nodes which are getting attached. If it is more than half the distance mesh will appear moving in opposite direction. Hope you understand what I am saying. Please check. regards

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