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Arnab March 12, 2004 04:10

some trivial doubts
Hey all,

I have some doubts and I guess they may be stupid ones but still I want to know:

1. what is the difference between star-CD and Star-design? does star-CD have user subroutines too and star-design have only GUI's??

2. what does automatic meshning mean?? related to surface wrapping

3. what are the advantages and disatvantages of different meshings like polyhedral or tetrahedral or hexahedral meshing..

Michiel March 12, 2004 05:13

Re: some trivial doubts
Hi Arnab,

Star-CD is just the CFD-code. The are a number of preprocesors one can use. e.g. prostar and pro-am.

star-design is a new tool that has a number of standard shapes included that can be connected very easily without all kind of difficult meshing routines. If you want difficult things you kan always pass the model to prostar or pro-am.

Prodesign can also be used to immidiatly star the solver and to make some very fancy postprocessing.

Automatic meshing means that the you draw your object like in any cad program and that prodesign just as pro-am fille your object with a volume mesh.

I don't have any experience to answer your last question.


Brian March 25, 2004 06:57

Re: some trivial doubts
hexahedral: best kind of mesh - fast and accurate but can be hard to mesh

tetrahedral: diffusive, i.e. gives wrong answers because of high numerical diffusion also takes up to four times longer to solve and uses more memory. very easy to mesh using auto tet meshers

polyhedral: pretty new, so the following are claims, still to be proven non-diffusive, so more accurate results as efficient as hexahedral regarding memory and CPU easy to mesh using auto tet meshers and degenerating tets into polyhedrals.

Surface wrapping: A technique for cleaning up bad CAD surfaces by wrapping a new surface mesh around the geometry

StarCD and StarDesign: StarCD is the CFD code. StarDesign is an add-on 3D CAD modeller that helps in setting up geometry and automeshing. StarCD can be run from within StarDesign with limited functionality, but StarDesign still uses StarCD behind the scenes for solving etc.

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