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Dadou April 1, 2004 07:02

Fortran Runtime

I am simulating a fan whose geometry was given. I always the same error in my starlink: FORTRAN RUNTIME ERROR, ATTEMPT TO READ PAST END OF FILE. Can someone explain where does this error come from ? Memory? Careless error? Bad estimation of the time step required?

Here are my sequence: 1/ I don't use Advanced Transient Module, so I disconnected it. 2/ I asked "Restart: None". 3/ I choose a little set of cells with Recall Set. 4/ I indiquated it in Monitoring Cell Behavior, and choose my parameter in Select monitoring Info for my .pstt. 5/ I gave a Post and Print frequency and the parameter I want. 6/ I choose a Number of Time Step and Time step size. 7/ I execute my event10.MAC, write geometry, wr. problem, save, pmovlink,... 8/ My event is succesfully written. 9/ After having typed starlink and "./the name of my file", the error appears: FORTRAN RUN TIME ERROR, ATTEMPT TO READ PAST END OF FILE.

Thanks a lot!

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