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Rainer May 4, 2004 04:27

Catia V5 and Pro-Surf
Does anybody work with the Catia V5 file-reader in Pro-Surf? How are your experiences with this tool? In our version it is not functionable. What do I have to do to read native Catia V5 files?

Best Regards


steve May 4, 2004 07:59

Re: Catia V5 and Pro-Surf
Several bugs have been very recently uncovered in the catia v5 reader. you should ask your supplier to get you the very latest copies of prosurf/catiav5

Rainer May 4, 2004 10:08

Re: Catia V5 and Pro-Surf
I´ve talked to our supplier, but he told me, that there are no surfaces and curves. But Catia is a surface based CAD program. Every CATpart consist of surfaces. Maybe our version ist too old. But it is the newest we´ve got. It´s version 3.150A Build 522.

Best Regards


thomas dimke June 17, 2004 15:22

Re: Catia V5 and Pro-Surf
Hi Rainer,

I have got to deal with the same problem! As far as I understood the adapco-people, this Catia reader is not included to Star-cd yet (may be i am wrong). At the moment I am changing iges-file between the two programs, after repairing them in pro-surf. It is working with simple geometries, but still not very comfortable. If you have found a better way for data exchange between catia and star-cd, I would be very interested in that.

Good luck, thomas

Jörn Beilke June 18, 2004 03:58

Re: Catia V5 and Pro-Surf
If I have to deal with Catia (V4) models, I read them into ThinkDesign ( via the native reader and do all the fixing there. Then IGES export to pro-surf.

If you have V5 models you can either save them as V4 or use the V5 native reader.

Going this way is much more comfortable than fixing anything in pro-surf.

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