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BN SIMLOO August 5, 2004 07:41

Multipahse steam condensation
Hi STAR-CD experts!

Here I got problem in multiphase steam condensation cross-flow heat exchanger problem. 120degrees centi steam pass through tubes and 30degree Centi pass over the tubes. I want to solve for steam condensation in tubes while passing through heat exchanger using STAR-CD V3.10A With regards BN SIMLOO

jing September 9, 2004 10:11

Re: Multipahse steam condensation
the accurate way should be with conjugate heat transfer approach, heat and mass transfer user subroutine and nucleation and droplet growth user subrotine. It is quite difficult.

if you only focus on the performance of the heat exchanger, I suggest that you take the tubes as a kind of porous materials. Therefore, you can take the influnce of the tubes on the outside flow into account. At the same time, by take the results of the outside flowfield as the boundary conditions of the inside flow field, you can estimate the condenstion inside tubes.

Anyway, it is a quite difficult problem, not as simple as it looks like.

good luck!

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