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robbie August 10, 2004 04:47

Parallel solver with 3.2
Dear all:

Today we received starcd3.2 It's a happy thing for us.We already have waited it for a long time.

But we met a trouble about the parallel solver. Before,we can run this with PROHPC. Now, v3.2 owns the new interface and we can't find anything about prohpc.From starlaunch, we can find a feature for the parallel solve and it's very easy.We also can run two processors on a node. Next, we want to used 8 nodes to calculate, but it can't find other nodes. We also can't find any manuals about "parallel solver" in this version.We also can't set the varaibles as PROHPC in 3.15. Anyone can give me a idea about MPP. Thanks a lot!

F.K. August 10, 2004 07:29

Re: Parallel solver with 3.2
Some days ago I encountered the same problems and I agree the installation guide is absolutly insufficient for HPC and installation. Here are some hints: prohpc doesn't exists anymore. If you want to start a calculation over 8 nodes you have to defined each nodes in the hardware.ini. Then it should work. An example for the start command is:

star node1,1 node2,1 node3,1 etc.

If it doesen't work although you have defined the nodes then you must change the mountpoints of all harddisk. Unfortunatly they have change the whole parallelisation and this means that the directory in which star is installed must be mounted on each node otherwise the installtion can not be found from the 7 remaining nodes.

hope this helps

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