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coriolius October 19, 2004 10:54

Error: can't read face in model
I have build a simple boolean model in STAR-DESIGN, save it and close the file by NOT SAVE SESSION or SAVE SESSION (have tried both).

Then, when I open the .CCD file next time, sometimes (in most cases) the following series of error messages appear:

face: xxx read from image file, but not in mode

and all solid model was lost, but all items in the PROBLEM DEFINITION tab remain.

What is the cause of the problem and how to eliminate this?

coriolius October 21, 2004 08:47

Re: Error: can't read face in model
The problem appears when I use LINEAR PATTHERN to create a flow domain by Boolean subtraction.

When I delete the linear pattern and create all the obstacles one by one. It is OK.

Is there any tricks or tips in using the LINEAR PATTERN and CIRCULAR PATTERN?

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