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Jihwan November 12, 2004 02:20

Ver3.22 trimmed cell generation
Hi everyone

Recently I upgraded my STARCD from ver3.15 to 3.22. There are lots of good things in ver 3.22. One of the cool is that error-free sub-surface is generated.

However, I see that # of unresolved cell increases when I try to generate trimmed cell from a Template even though I am using the same geometry file in IGES format. My IGES file size is 40M byte for the geometry of a reactor (3 m in diameter) with lots of internals. The manual says I can lower the threshold in template generation until the unresolved cells does not appear. When I do that, I get more unresolved cells or similar. Anyway, there is no significant decrease in the #. Is this only for my case? Is there anybody who has the same experience as mine?

If anybody has a good strategy to reduce unresolved cell, please let me know. Thanks in advance.


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