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Chris P November 16, 2004 13:12

Pro-Vis Contour Plot
When running pro-vis to examine plots, I can obtain colored vectors as well as colored streamlines. However, if I attempt to create a contour plot (section, or entire mesh) then pro-vis simply replots the mesh in black and white with no contours. However, it does show the color scale with range. Any clues as to how to resolve this?

Thanks, Chris

ping November 17, 2004 00:16

Re: Pro-Vis Contour Plot
Mesh (ie a domain) and section plots default to mesh and/or section plane colored by cell type or grey so set:

1. Plot Style to Filled and maybe Edge on (others off)

2. Color to say Scalar - eg pressure or vmag etc

Have to do this for each section plane created of course or hide if you only want vectors shown.

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