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Xobile November 16, 2004 17:17

Prostar Tables - Sub. for subroutines

Does anyone use Prostar Tables for stating Initial Conditons, or Boundary Conditions , etc.. as a substitute for subroutines?

I have not seen any tutorials with the use of tables in the version 3.2 . I want to use that and if someone has any model using cell table instead of subroutine, then I would like to go through it to get an idea.

Does star have any tutorial? if yes, then can someone pass it to me.



ping November 17, 2004 00:38

Re: Prostar Tables - Sub. for subroutines
Tutorial 5.2 in v315 and v32 gives an example of using a table to define transient boundary data as a function of time.

Read Tips for each type of boundary in the Boundary section of the User Manual for the correct names of each variable to use in a table.

They are very easy to use really - just a bit of trial and error and you will find them great, although the GUI does not refresh properly at times (better in v32)

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