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Shoeb November 29, 2004 14:09

to calculate local nusselt number
I am working on a simple heat transfer problem. In the problem the sides have symmetry boundary condition. Three adiabatic walls and one cold isothermal wall.The forced flow is passing in contact with the cold wall. I want to calculate the local nusselt number in the cold wall.but HOW??

I have drawn the geometry in star design and after postprocessing transferred that in the prostar. Using the (getc) i get all the values of temperature of all the cells. But i specifically want to know the temperatue of the cold wall. The cold wall is in boundary register no 43. But when i want to post the boundary temperature values i get only the n1 n2 n3 n4 values of the register 43,though i have seeked for the temperature only. No temperature data is displayed. plz help me to get the temp of the cold wall boundary in register no 43

Pauli November 30, 2004 14:28

Re: to calculate local nusselt number
If you want boundary data, uset the getb command.

felix January 20, 2005 11:38

Re: to calculate local nusselt number

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