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BK May 7, 2005 22:52

64bit compiler????
My computer is for 64bit system. Also I use STAR-CD ver3.22 on linux. I have some problem. Sample case which doesn't have any user-subroutine works very well, but the things which have user-subroutines don't work.

And I use Absoft-8.0 (32bit) .

May I buy the 64bit format as compiler?

BK May 10, 2005 21:29

Re: 64bit compiler????
64bit machine needs 64bit compiler But if 32bit kernel is used on linux machine, then we can use the 32bit compiler.

(I got the answer for this problem from the star-cd distributor in my country)

Hubert Janocha May 22, 2005 11:25

Re: 64bit compiler????
On Opteron with 64bit OS (SLES 8.0 for x86_64) there is a special Absoft Compiler (9.0) for 64bit Linux platform (no Itanium), but only for generating 32bit executables. This compiler works for v3.150A and up to v3.24. I am using this. I think your old Absoft 8.0 isn't realy suitable for your v.3.22. Ask the StarCD-hotline. Hubert

BK May 22, 2005 21:26

Re: 64bit compiler????
Before we set up the linux machine, I used the Absoft compiler(ver8.0) with star-cd(ver3.22) on windows or linux(32bit). That system was well worked.

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