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pp May 9, 2005 03:16

Fluent mesh 2 star-cd

I made my geometry and mesh in Gambit preprocesor. I'm not satisfied with fluent results with that mesh and now I'm going to try star-cd.

What is the bast way to convert fluent mesh in star-cd mesh. All I want is to convert mesh in star-cd but also to keep defined boundaries (eg. walls, inlets, outlets etc.)

I tried cgns and gambit commands but after mesh was succesfully read in start I found only one fluid zone without boundaries I mentioned above.

Regards, pp

vladimir May 9, 2005 05:21

Re: Fluent mesh 2 star-cd
hi pp

I cannot help you with the export of the BCs exactly as they are defined in fluent but if you use export to nastran and select to export surfaces that define the BCs then it quite works. You import the grid into star and obtain fluid and shell cells where the shells represent the surfaces from fluent. To assign BCs to these shouldn't be a problem unless you've got tens or hundreds of BCs defined :o). hope it helps. have fun.

tomosada May 9, 2005 06:34

Re: Fluent mesh 2 star-cd

You can use gambit command to import the mesh to star-cd


Esti May 30, 2005 07:39

Re: Fluent mesh 2 star-cd
Hi there, You have to save in gambit your mesh as "neutral", so you get a *.neu file (file_name.neu)

Once you are in star-cd, type the following command: "gambit file_name.neu"... And that's it! (You've got more details in starCD's command help typing "gambit")

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