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saleem August 26, 2005 15:33

Defining wall boundary region

I was applying a two-layer turbulence model for the near wall region in STAR-CD. i am having problems in defining the wall boundary. whats the procedure for the applying. Is there a solved example anywhere on this. I couldnt find it in the star-cd tutorials. can anyone please explain how to apply the wall boundary regions.

Thank You


natesan August 29, 2005 00:41

Re: Defining wall boundary region
Wall bounday definition is made in the same way as for other models. The additional information that need to be mentioned is that, wheter two layer model is required to be applied for the different boundary region used in the model?

saleem August 30, 2005 13:11

Re: Defining wall boundary region
Thanks for the reply. i tried the samething but there is an error.

I initially defined the inlet outlet and symmetry planes for my 2-D difuuser. then i selected the outer boundary as wall. Then for the near wall region i selected another set of cells and defined them as another wall.

I thought it should have solved with these settings. So i had two wall boundary regions in my model as it was axisymmetric. can you please tell me if its correct or do i have to change something.

where can i find examples on this. i couldnt findit in the manual in STAR-CD

Can anyone please help Thanks


natesan August 31, 2005 03:58

Re: Defining wall boundary region
You don't have to create a second wall for defining the near wall region. Click on the two layer option active for the wall from the define boundary conditions folder. Remember that you need to define the thickness of near wall layer in the turbulance model parameters folder.

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