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ATao September 20, 2005 21:49

how to add liquid rotate speed(w) ?
i found that there are only U、V and W,but how to add liquid rotate speed(w)?i use STAR-CD3.15,it hasn't gravity folder,how to install "g" ?

John Luo September 21, 2005 05:32

Re: how to add liquid rotate speed(w) ?
For gravity in v315, in PROSTAR GUI, Thermophysical Models=>Liquids and Gass=>Buoyancy and Body Force.

For rotation, there are many ways: if the whole system is rotating, you can solve the system in the single rotation frame. If only boundary such as wall rotates, you can input rotational speed at respective boundary region. For more complicated rotating system, you can use multi-rotating frames or sliding mesh.

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