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beginner October 3, 2005 20:25

Dear All:

How can i do to export a solid model or a 3d mesh from Star- Design 3.2 in .iges format or anyother. Is possible to do it, to import then into pro-Star/amm ?. Any help will be appreciated.


Malc October 6, 2005 06:39

Re: Star-Design
The File > Export... dialog will give you several options, including IGES export, Parasolid x_t format, and the STAR-Design native CAD format. A prosurf restart file (.ezs) can also be created.

If you create the mesh in STAR-Design, you can use the Solver > Launch pro-STAR GUI option to open pro-STAR with the mesh visible. The files STAR-Design creates are kept in the directory having the same name as the .ccd file on save, and one of these files will be the .dbs file containing the mesh. Open this .dbs file in proamm and look at the different databases contained within it.

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