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ramesh October 4, 2005 04:38

mesh generation
dear star users; i am the beginner level starcd 3.22 windows.,

when i create mesh using NAVcenter ,i am unable get the "generate mesh " button,,

but any where in the tutorials they have specified click "generate buttomn"

also tell me how custamize button,fonts etc


bv October 4, 2005 06:39

Re: mesh generation
I think u have opened PRO STAR.

Pleasec open PRO AM for meshing.


ramesh October 6, 2005 04:27

Re: mesh generation
thanks a lot..

please tell procedure i have to follw so that i can pick starcd quicker...

ramesh October 7, 2005 03:30

Re: mesh generation
dear BV and star cd users ;

still i unable to find "generate mesh" button missing in Pro/amm...

please help me to solve this problem...

i am following first tutotials "laminar flow in labrrynith"

thanks in advance ramesh

Ted Crilly October 7, 2005 03:49

Re: mesh generation
dude, you should check the Pro-am manual for instructions on how to generate you mesh, unfortunately its not just a single button to press and the mesh is automatically generated

Pro-am is setup to do the following

Import Surface Surface Cleanup Subsurface Generation Mesh Generation

you import geometry in relevant format and start from there,

I believe the tutorial you are talking about the mesh is manually setup using the pro-star interface,

Simply follow the instructions,

I would sugguest sticking with pro-am and using the pro-am manual and pro-am tutorials to see how its done, the first few tutorials are relatively easy

saravanan October 7, 2005 09:28

Re: mesh generation

For ur query regarding 'Generate Mesh' Button,follow the instructions below.

Nav Center > Select Analysis Features>Create and Import Grids>Create Grids>Create 3d Grids using simple shapes>Generate Mesh.

Good Luck Saravanan

bv October 10, 2005 06:34

Re: mesh generation
Hi ramesh,

I will suggest u first to work on some simple problems like cube...etc to get used to commands and panels.

Try soliving pro-AM tutorials..which will help u to generate mesh.


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