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DenizeN October 11, 2005 10:13

V2F model in Star-CD 3.24 Win
Who have experience in v2f model realised in star-cd 3.24 win ? I think this have a "bugs" ;)

tomosada October 17, 2005 06:03

Re: V2F model in Star-CD 3.24 Win
really ?

I have use the V2F from 3.15 and 3.22 version.

It seems very OK !

Can you provie more informaion of the bugs ?

DenizeN October 17, 2005 15:55

Re: V2F model in Star-CD 3.24 Win
The first bug is the crush of v2f model on mesh where the lowRe model working fine. Why v2f so sensetive to mesh ? The second is mesh density near wall have wery hard influence to result of v2f model.

But i very depressed because v2f model crush on complex geometry and mesh. Is it no bug ?

kris October 19, 2005 02:32

Re: V2F model in Star-CD 3.24 Win
in my case, v2f have been used for validation of backward step model.

v2f and high Re turb. model in my curiosity(originally using low Re turb. model) have been used for my test

strange, it is correct with experiment data

in addition, grid size for my model is too coarse because this was made for using wall fuction

this is an information in my case

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