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Z.H. Huang November 7, 2005 10:09

I can not find the pstt file
hi,every one,I got a pstt file(3.2G),when I try to open it(window xp 32 bit),but the starcd pro-post can not show it,the file locate in E disk,I can visit it.why? too large?

Tom November 7, 2005 18:15

Re: I can not find the pstt file
Many 32 bit systems will only let you open 2 gig files. You have divide it into two files by going to Tools>Convert>Star. Select the transient button and that lets you select the time steps. Use your input file, leaving it as binary and for your output file set the name you want with the pstt extension. Hit apply and watch STAR-CD do its magic. However, I would warn you to make a copy of your original file. Tom

Z.H. Huang November 8, 2005 03:03

Re: I can not find the pstt file
thank you,Tom! But the starcd can not display this file in the post module.Maybe the covert tool can not display it as well.

Tom November 8, 2005 12:36

Re: I can not find the pstt file
The convert tool does not display it. It allows you to break it up into two files so that you can look at the two files. Tom

Z.H. Huang November 8, 2005 19:48

Re: I can not find the pstt file
Tom: Maybe I did not express my idea clearly.sorry for that. I mean,there are several pstt files in some folder,but some of them are very small,maybe only 200M,the post module can recognize these pstt file,but the big pstt file(3.7G)will be negelect,post module DO NOT recognize this pstt file,just treat this as some other type file(not pstt file).

I worry the convert module can not recognize this file just as the post module.

I DO NOT mean,the convert modul will display the result of the simulation(the content in the pstt file).


Hubert Janocha December 6, 2005 10:24

Re: I can not find the pstt file
Please see the question "How to manually merge a pst-file" on 21th Nov.05 5:35 a.m.

A few minutes ago I wrote a answer to this, which will help you, to avoid this problems in the future.

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