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DB December 2, 2005 18:53

modelling 4step reaction for propane
Hi All,

I am trying to model 4step reaction mechanism for propane combustion(HAUTMAN et al 1981). Also I am using partially premixed combustion with EBU combined time as the reaction system. I have the doubt that reaction rate for each reaction depands not only on the reactants concentration but also on the products concentration but I cannot find anywhere in the GUI to input the exponent of product. Secondly, the reaction rate at a given stage depands on the concentration of species that does not take part in that reaction, and I have no idea how to model it.

Any help would be appreciated.


Guillaume December 5, 2005 10:35

Re: modelling 4step reaction for propane
This is strange, the constant for product dependence, called B, is in the same panel as the other parameters for EBU. Its default is 0.5.

What is the title of the article HAUTMAN et al 1981?

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