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Mac March 8, 2006 00:26

events with subroutines
Hello, I wanted a know if I can run densit.f with events using cgrid.cgrd instead of newxyz.f

Is it mandatory to use newxyz.f with densit.f ?? Please send in your comments. Thanks in advance.

Richard March 8, 2006 05:02

Re: events with subroutines
It's not mandatory at all: densit and newxyz are completely unrelated. You can choose how you move the mesh and how you specify the density independently.

Mac March 8, 2006 05:41

Re: events with subroutines
Thanks, What I meant to ask was the difference between densit.f with cgrid.cgrd as opposed to densit.f with newxyz.f. Is it something to do with binary or coded? Can you please clarify. Thanks a lot.

Richard March 8, 2006 13:22

Re: events with subroutines
Again, I don't see any connection. One specifies the density, the other the mesh motion. Why do you think they are connected?

Mac March 8, 2006 22:39

Re: events with subroutines
Only because they are user coded programs. Thanks for the clarification.

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