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Mike April 5, 2006 05:22

how to deremine boundary layer height?
I have faecd a fact that from manual thet when u are going to capture near wall region you have to refine mesh at near wall region ,and your y plus should be in limit of 11.In your boundary layer there should be 10 nodes.but how to determine this hight.i.e. there should be these much nodes in this hight so that we can mesh according to that. Thaks in advance.

allan April 5, 2006 10:47

Re: how to deremine boundary layer height?
There are all sorts of correlations that you can use based on a freestream velocity for both laminar and turbulent flow, where you can estimate boundary layer thickness. They can easily be calculated by hand. Generally they are for flow over a flat plate, or mildly curved surfaces.

One such method for laminar bounday layers is Thwaite's method. There are many for turbulent flow as well but I can't remember any refernces to them.


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