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usker April 11, 2006 07:41

May be this question sounds stupid but is KINetics a module separated from STAR-CD? In STAR-CD 3.24, in Select Analysis Features there is an option STAR/KINetics. Does it mean that I need to install additionally KINetics module to set an interface for it with STAR-CD and to generate chemistry input files? Because, in that STAR/KINetics option in STAR-CD I can see that chemistry input files must be included. Can these files be generated using CHEMKIN, or I will need to install KINetics module?

Thanks a lot

sang_seok Lee April 11, 2006 23:08

Re: STAR/KINetics
STAR/KINetics needs chemkin. i used star-CD for 3 year..

Mac April 12, 2006 02:32

Re: STAR/KINetics
Yes, you may need an additional module called CHEMKIN for the same.

Yogurt April 12, 2006 17:02

Re: STAR/KINetics
Did you read the documentation in prostar help?

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