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garywang May 26, 2006 21:32

error message from mixpert
I use star-cd 3.22/mixpert 1.0 with absoft pro 9.0 to solve mixing vessel problem. When I finish the geometric construction and mesh definition and press "process" or "Est mesh #", an error message as following

(name of the mix-file:

? FORTRAN Runtime Error: ? Attempt to read past end of file ? READ(UNIT=*,...

while executing "exec echo.exe $casename | $mixpert_exe"

(procedure "process" line 116)

invoked from within "process anker .mainframe.frame.mixer_anker.nb 1"

invoked from within ".mainframe.frame.mixer_anker.frame.bp invoke"

("uplevel" body line 1)

invoked from within "uplevel #0[list $w invoke]"

(procedure "tkButtonUp" line 7)

invoked from within "tkButtonUp .mainframe.frame.mixer_anker.frame.bp "

(command bound to event) ) display . Could some one tell me how to solve this error?


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