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Timothy October 15, 2006 23:11

star3.24 and SUSE Linux 10.0
I am Using SUSE linux 10.0 on my desktop, and installed starCD 3.26. The pre and post processors are working fine. While running the solver I normally login to the computer as user Tim. The host name of the computer is: Thunder. While running the solver the solver stops after a few seconds with the following message:

Permission denied on host Tim:Thunder, Exiting.

Can any body help me in overcoming this problem.... thanks in advance


TG October 16, 2006 10:38

Re: star3.24 and SUSE Linux 10.0
Make sure that rsh logins are allowed

tomosada October 17, 2006 00:26

Re: star3.24 and SUSE Linux 10.0
I think that your login should can not star the solver.

you can change the property of STAR-CD installed floder.


cd /opt/STAR3.26 chmod 777 STAR3.26

I think that might be work.

Timothy October 17, 2006 12:39

Re: star3.24 and SUSE Linux 10.0
Thank you Tomosada, I changed the file permission.It's is working now. Thanks a lot. Thanks to TG also for responded to my query. I also reinstalled star324 with rsh logins..

Thanks a lot


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