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guang ai October 27, 2006 00:56

hypermesh in cfd, forum?
Does anyone have experience in using hypermesh to create hex mesh for cfd. Altair have been putting effort on this course. I feel it is bit like a 'panelised' prostar to certain extent. However, what advantage is, it is integrated with cad interface, which prostar does not. I can't found a forum for hypermesh in this planet. Can anyone give me an idea.

DB October 29, 2006 21:50

Re: hypermesh in cfd, forum?

All I can say is that STAR-CD also comes integrated with CAD packages known as STAR-CAD series.


tomosada October 31, 2006 03:06

Re: hypermesh in cfd, forum?
hi! guang ai

I made my mesh in Hypermesh 7 and export it in patran or nastran format.

And then I import the mesh and locate the boundary .

In Hypermesh 8, there is a direct icon that you can export the mesh into patran format.

For your reference!


guang ai October 31, 2006 17:52

Re: hypermesh in cfd, forum?
Thank you tomosada. I haven't been using hypermesh for long. My specific interest is in hex mesh generation. In comparision with prostar, it is much slower in node project... etc. But the help is the best...etc. I just want to find a forum to learn more about hypermesh. It seems a trend people to use hypermesh as supplementary to Star-CDs if hex mesh, not others, is focused. Maybe for cost/effective reason or efficiency?

paulh November 1, 2006 13:54

Re: hypermesh in cfd, forum?
HyperMesh is extremely good at cleaning up geometry and to a lesser extent, making geometry. It also has a pretty decent surface mesher, i.e. tri's and quad's. It's a viable path for prepping CAD data for import into the ProAmm volume meshing tools. Recently I tried exporting 'cleaned up' geometry in iges format. I then read that iges file into ProSurf. All of the surface patches were disconnected, red lines, but that was easily/automatically fixed. The resultant surface mesh was great. I haven't seen an app that makes better triangles with as little effort.

ANEESH January 9, 2007 15:37

Re: hypermesh in cfd, forum?

I am having one year experience in hypermesh.. I have done some meshing for cfd analysis.

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