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Rui January 17, 2007 14:42

problem about export data
When I used star-cd to export data, the exporting stopped during the procedure. And I was told there is a fault. I list the prompt lines shown in terminal. I hope someone can help me on that.

/usr/local/star/star-cd_4.0/PROSTAR/4.0_MAR-31-2006/linux64_2.4-x86-glibc_2.2.5/ bin/prostar: line 254: 4572 Segmentation fault ${PROSTAR}/bin/pro-${BETA}$ {PRODR}${OLD} ${CMAP} ${BATCH} ${ESTOOL} ${RUN_OPTION} ${PROSERV}

Many thanks in advance!

9473247 January 17, 2007 18:10

Re: problem about export data
it's a bug:contact support

vidyaprakash January 18, 2007 23:16

Re: problem about export data
The same problem we have also,contact starcd persons,they told some patching problem(they only resolve this problem)

Thanks Prakash

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