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J January 20, 2007 13:57

porous medium
Hi all,

I am using StarCd to run turbulence models on my project.I have simulated my CAD model till 8000 iterations without specification of porous regions.Everything is fine.The results can be obtained and it's possible to compare with the experimental results.

After that I have specified porous medium on the CAD model and simulated with the different turbulence model.The residual can not be convergence and become more fluctuation for all models.

I am not sure whether I did some mistakes during the process of porous medium specification or the problems may come from other factors that I have no experience on them. Please give me any recommendations in order to solve the problems.

Best regards J.

julien caradonna January 22, 2007 06:28

Re: porous medium
Try to activate switch 149.

J. January 24, 2007 07:09

Re: porous medium
Hi julien,

Thanks a lot for your recommendation.I will try to activate switch 149 and will tell you whether it works.Could you tell me what the meaning of switch 149 is.I am new StarCD user.I have tried to look for the meanning of all switches on StarCD User Guide and Methodology but I cannot find it.


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