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deisler March 22, 2007 02:55

Problems when I mesh my engine model.
I drew an engine model in UG and import it to Pro-amm. I use the MeshWizards to mesh it. But every step I encounter an error:error deleting "./tmp/TMP.set":object is too large for operation.

Finally I failed in subsurface creating.

Why??PlZ any1 help me? Thank you!

usker March 22, 2007 03:37

Re: Problems when I mesh my engine model.
I would recommend you make 3D model using any solid modeling software (UG, Pro-E, Solidworks etc.) as you have already done, then you save that model as IGES file, then you open that IGES model in pro-STAR/surf. In pro-STAR/surf you generate a surface for your model, then save it as *.cel. Then you go to pro-amm, activate Mesh Wizard open your *.cel model and follow the steps.


deisler March 22, 2007 21:45

Re: Problems when I mesh my engine model.
Thank you!Problems have been solved. But when I use meshwizard to creat subsurface,It always deletes some surfaces(to give my model a BIG HOLE ),and when I finish all steps,the hole is there ..... cset all,cplot It seems that my model has been given a BIG HOLE... So why? Usker,cud u help me?


usker March 22, 2007 22:58

Re: Problems when I mesh my engine model.
OK, first when you create surface in pro/surf you need to repare it. Make sure you join all the lines so that your surface is continious without any missing cells. Then in pro/amm in the Mesh Wizard in the step 2 (Prepare Surface) there is an option "Close Free Edges and Fill Holes". You select that. Then try again. I would recommend you get User Guide and Tutorial (pro-STAR with auto mesh generation). You can find these User Guide and Tutorials in your Star-CD directory folder. They have very extensive information on mesh generation.


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