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cfddummy June 9, 2007 22:08

Mesh generation in Gridgen

I am not sure whether it is right to post message regarding Gridgen or not, but just would like to try my luck if I can get some helps from people in this forum.

If I have two block of objects(for example, 2 cylindrical objects with different circular radius), which the meshes are created based on different topology(for example, different number of volume division when creating meshes). I wish to join the two objects together so that it become a single object. May I know whether Gridgen can make the meshes at the joining cross sectional area connected to each other?

Thanks in advance.

*By the way, does anyone know whether there is any good forum to find information on Gridgen?

Mclaren June 15, 2007 05:55

Re: Mesh generation in Gridgen
if u model are just two cylindrical objects, the problem is so easy. But at the same time, which type of mesh used? structured or unstructures?

John Chawner June 16, 2007 13:25

Re: Mesh generation in Gridgen
It sounds like you have two structured hex blocks with different topologies and you want to create an interface between them. Furthermore, there won't be any point-to-point connections on this interface.

You can handle this by creating a custom BC for the non-matching interface and assigning that BC to both sides of the interface.

After you export the grid to your CFD solver, you can then find those two regions by the BC you created and have the solver compute the interpolation coefficients between the two blocks.

Also, you'll note the implication that the inter-block connections should be a single domain (depending on how these blocks are interfacing).

As for a good Gridgen forum, the Main Forum here at CFD-Online is good. And you can always contact the Gridgen Technical Support Team at 888-GRIDGEN or

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