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Ahmed July 8, 2007 19:29

Does anyone know where the demo version of Star ccm+ is? or how to download it? Thanks in advance

Peter July 9, 2007 04:21

Re: Starccm+
Look about 15 to 20 items further down the page and you will find the answer.

Nari July 13, 2007 16:17

Re: Starccm+

try download from this link..

Tim July 16, 2007 14:07

Re: Starccm+
I'd contact CD-adapco. If you're serious about buying the software they'll let you trial the software - that's how pretty much everyone buys cfd software. The free version isn't a good guide (in the link above) as it's over three years old, so bears little or no resemblance to the latest version of STAR-CCM+. That's why it is no longer available from CD-adapco's website. STAR-CCM+ now includes CAD import, surface and volume meshing, and a lot more physics models and is generally much better.

Peter July 17, 2007 06:40

Re: Starccm+

The freeware version in the link has no intrinsic value. Don't touch it. The freeware version is old and obsolete, it has no geometry creation tool such as the front end STAR-Design tool, and it has no mesher whatsoever. All you will get is the old version of the solver and a post-processor.

I you do not have a separate mesher then you cannot create a model to run in the freeware version anyway.

Next, the link is not connected with CD-adapco, so the software comes from someone with no right to make the product available. I.e. a thieving pirate.


Ahmed July 23, 2007 02:21

Re: Starccm+
Thank you Peter, the link is not operating (at least the day I tried), any way thanks. Actually I had downloaded it and burnt it on a CD, I could not locate my CD, but yesterday I located it (1.04.003) and 20 tutorials.

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