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Andrea July 24, 2007 14:00

Lower heating value
Hi guys, I'm a newbie of Star...but I've got a question for you. I'm studying a combustion and I need to obtain the lower heating value that Star use for the computation... I'm using the ECFM-3Z model for the combustion and in that model the code consider the possibility that fuel burns but without the complete release of its chemical energy...and I think that star calculate the lower heating value by means of hentalpy of formation of species. I've noticed that in the .spd file Star output the burned fuel mass and by the heat release reate I've thought to compute the lower heating value like LHV = integral(HRR)/m_burned, but since I don't know if the "burned fuel" have released all its chemical energy that's not an exact formula... I've also thought that by discarging the entalpy in my combustion chamber by means of a .pstt file Star intend that is the "total entalpy", the sum of chemical internal energy and termal enthalpy, and by subtracting the termal entaly I can obtain the data I need...but Star output only the termal enthalpy!!! What can I do to solve this problem??? Thanks in advance!!! (sorry for my bad english!!!)

Andrea July 28, 2007 11:40

Re: Lower heating value
Nobody has any suggestion?

Denizen July 30, 2007 07:19

Re: Lower heating value
you wrote to many words. try shorter.

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