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Marcello February 20, 2008 05:22

Can posdat.f save on ccmt files?
Hi all, I'm simulating the flow in a backward facing step test case with a Smagorinsky LES closure model. I'd like to add to the transient solution the omega-tensor components to get instantaneous vorticity isocontours and a friend suggested that I should use posdat.f, but is possible to store the data in ccmt file or even in new files with that function? The problem I think may happen is that posdat.f will save the results in ccmp files, leaving me only the last omega-tensor components, while I'd obviously like to get more

shablo February 20, 2008 18:00

Re: Can posdat.f save on ccmt files?
you must attend the advanced training course on user coding to be able to this. There is an exercise especially on this.

Marcello February 21, 2008 05:07

Re: Can posdat.f save on ccmt files?
Thank you so much for your advice. Is it possible to find that specific exercise online?

Steve February 21, 2008 05:39

Re: Can posdat.f save on ccmt files?
Isn't it simply a case of obtaining the unit number used by the solver and writing to that. If I remember rightly, STAR-CD uses hard-coded unit numbers for file access.

TG February 21, 2008 11:01

Re: Can posdat.f save on ccmt files?
Maybe you could do that 15 years ago, but not now. The .ccm files are very much like a database and you have to use the right subroutines to dump data out there with all the right labeling information. Off hand I don't recall seeing any sample code around to do it, but user support should be able to help.

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