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pullaiah February 25, 2008 05:10

how to process results
I ran a transient case in which some chemical reactions are taking place. How can I found concentration of different species along the geometry and at different locations of geometry. Here spd file will give values only at monitoring location and that to for single cell, but I want those variables at different geometry locations and how can I get them. Please help me in this regard. Thank you.


Andrea February 27, 2008 19:17

Re: how to process results
First of all spd file give the scalar conc not in the monitoring location but in all the analized's a global output file, in the out or run file you can see the data referred to the monitoring location.
Then for monitoring scalar conc along your mesh you really need a transiet output file .pstt, if you don't want to examine only your last time-step results. When you have it you can use the post-processing plot option in the star's a visual way to get the scalar conc along your mesh...and if you want numerical data you can choose to output that data by "printing" on the out file (or info file also I think) every X calculations...

pullaiah February 27, 2008 23:31

Re: how to process results
Dear Andrea,

Thank you for your told that spd file contains global data, I am not getting your point clearly. If it contains global data, is it averaged data of all the cells or what do you mean by global data. and this spd file is giving with respect to time step.

As you told, if I use "print" option to get results, will it give numerical values of variables along the length of geometry.

Thank you.

regards PULLAIAH

Andrea March 3, 2008 20:16

Re: how to process results
yes I mean that spd file contains averaged data of all cells for a time step. Note that you can look at a particular data value in a particular cell also by the command pcross (plot the data of your interest by a contour plot, the issue the command pcross and click on the cell where you want to get the data). It's a simple command easy to use if you want to get "in time" data when you are looking at the results on scree.
I hope that helps!

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