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GG March 10, 2008 18:16

Star-design/CCM problems
Its very urgent, if you know it, please help , thanks very much indeed.

Basicly i am modelling the ventilation flows in a small room with a heat source placed in the middle.

I made a single room with a lower opening (about 0.2 m2)as inlet with vel. mag 0.2m/s with temp 15 degree) and upper opening as outlet , and applied an area of 1x1m face as heat flux 1200w/m2 at floor level of the room, in order to form heat-driven flow in the room, however after running it , the temperature is very big >1000k , how come ? i tried many times, still cant fix it.

matej March 12, 2008 03:45

Re: Star-design/CCM problems
have you:

* checked the mesh?

* used Coupled solver or segregated?

* tried to switch outlet to pressure outlet?

* tried to turn the heat source to 1/10 of what you want?

* turned on the gravity and set properly?

* turned on the ideal gas or constant density? (and in later case set the reference values properly)

* used the temperature or enthalpy formulation in physics module

* checked with another turbulence model?

what about the convergence of variables?


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