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Sachin March 13, 2008 13:31

Inlet table in STAR-CD

I have non uniform inlet (in terms of velocity, kinetic energy and dissipation rate), which I am supplying through inlet table (star.tbl). I have these non uniform inlet values for fixed inlet dimensions (Y coordinates). I have to use those values for bigger inlet (Y coordinates)where number of cells for which I have non uniform inlet values is less than my new inlet. I have tried using "Error" and " Extrapolate" option in star.tbl. But the case never converges and oscillates around a particular residual value.

In short I am looking for a way where same inlet values over fixed inlet can be used for variable inlet (having more number of cells at inlet)

Thank you for reading this. Sachin.

adji March 26, 2008 11:22

Re: Inlet table in STAR-CD
the max points in inlet.tbl is 64 points , you fixe y and x, z fixe 8 points each other

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