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San24 May 7, 2008 03:33

Problems with Inlet species

Can anybody explain me how work Inlet with species.

I have domain with two inputs of gases. One of them is Inlet. Mix of CO and CO2 transport to domain through inlet (I gave draw in previous post). Mix has temperature 960 oC. I know mass flux (CO+CO2) through Inlet. I calculate density of mix with temperature 960oC. I got density 0,4 kg/m3. I set Inlet setup: density 0.4, temp 1233 K. In Scalar Boundaries I set up Mass Fraction of CO and CO2 for Inlet. I set in Monitor Boundaries Behavior: Rho, Mass Flux and other for Inlet. When I got solution, I was surprised. Mass Flux war less then I think, because Rho in Inlet was 0.208, but not 0.4 which I set up. 0.208 is Rho of air in 960 oC. Why Star-CD take Rho of Air? And how I can get Mass Flux of CO+CO2 which I need?

Many thanks


San24 May 7, 2008 06:29

Re: Problems with Inlet species
I find out the reason. Question closed.


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