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Zamir Rashid June 8, 2008 22:44

Particle Tracks export to EnSight
Does anyone know how to export the .trk file in Star-CD to be read in EnSight? Thanks in advanced.


BastiL June 9, 2008 16:50

Re: Particle Tracks export to EnSight
I don't think thats possible... Why not generate streamlinesin Ensight? This is much faster...


Zamir Rashid June 10, 2008 00:14

Re: Particle Tracks export to EnSight
Thanks for the reply.

The particles themselves will interact with the primary fluid and in some cases between the particles themselves, that is why it is solved in the CFD solver.

We can generate both massless and massed particles in EnSight, but then you can't predict the interaction etc between particles.

The issue here I need to extract the information from the .trk file created in STAR-CD, and somehow import it in EnSight. I have seen some examples of it being done, it's just that I don't know how to do it. Any help will be appreciated.


Kevin Colburn June 10, 2008 09:24

Re: Particle Tracks export to EnSight
Actually, you CAN get your StarCD track file (.trk) into EnSight quite easily. In your EnSight installation, there is a little C routine which will read the .trk and create EnSight Measured Data file to read into EnSight. Check out $CEI_HOME/ensight82/translators/starcd_file33/file33_to_ensight.c routine. The particle tracks come into EnSight as transient measured data.

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