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farhath July 8, 2008 05:10

can we model incylinder flows STAR CCM+
hi, iam doiing cfd analysis of 4 stage reciprocating compressor. we want to model incylinder flow in each sage using dynamic meshes and valve opeinings. can w use star ccm for the above.

2.can we transfer the thermal data from cfd analysis in star ccm to structural solver Abaqus.

tahnks in advance

Jayson Martinez July 8, 2008 14:11

Re: can we model incylinder flows STAR CCM+
quoting myself from an earlier post,

The only problem with the above method is the number of meshes you need to generate and have taking up space on a hard drive.

I am guessing that STAR-CCM+'s new Dynamic Fluid Body Interaction feature in v3.04 basically takes advantage of the same mesh replace and map feature that I used.

As for your Abaqus question I have just recently switch to Abaqus for my FE modeling needs, so I am also interested in what anyone who has worked with transferring data between STAR-CCM+ and Abaqus has to say on the topic. I would guess that it would require using Java for scripting STAR-CCM+, and Python for scripting Abaqus.

Jayson Martinez

Balduin Bankerotti July 8, 2008 15:00

Re: can we model incylinder flows STAR CCM+
You find all the features you need in star v326 and also in v406.

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