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Eric August 7, 2008 17:54

autosave output of x-y plot for unsteady case
I'm using Star-CCM+ 3.04 and have run into an unfortunate limitation when postprocessing unsteady cases. I've been using XY plots to display velocities along a lineprobe, then exporting for visualization with other datasets. With my unsteady cases, I have it autosaving every 0.1 seconds for a max physical time of 1 second. I want a set of x-y data for every autosave position, IE 0.1s, 0.2s, etc.

I can get a "scene" to do this wonderfully with the attributes, update tab. A plot, however, does not have this functionality. It looks like reports only do averaged data, not say Y-velocities along a line but only its average value, otherwise I could go the report/monitor route.

If I wanted, I could go in manually to each of the ten .sim files associated with each autosave time and export a plot's data, but that's... not right. I mean it will work but is sort of an error prone to do whatwith clicking and naming 100+ times... I've got six+ plots, 10 autosaves, and will be running more than one case...

Any ideas?

a August 8, 2008 20:48

Re: autosave output of x-y plot for unsteady case
You need to record a macro. Just click the record button and go through saving your plots, then click stop. You can then read in this file on each of your sim files. I dont know the exact command but you can specify a macro to run from the command line so you wont have to open them all up individually.

Ideally, you would write the macro to save the plots as the simulation is running, but that might require a little java programming.

a August 8, 2008 20:50

Re: autosave output of x-y plot for unsteady case
Also, I think you are correct about the reports only saving averaged data. What I had to do was monitor data at a bunch of points instead of a line.

Eric August 10, 2008 03:35

Re: autosave output of x-y plot for unsteady case
This is great. Now I have some hope at least :)

Will have to figure out how to trip the macro by timestep, hopefully it's possible.

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