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Pankaj October 7, 2008 12:10

Create 3d Grid query - Star cd 3.24.0 version

I need to conduct transient analysis of simple toroidal geometry (3d tube) and am currently working on creating a toroidal mesh for the same.

From the tutorials, I understand that I am supposed to use the "Star CD guide - CREATE 3D GRIDS USING SIMPLE SHAPES". While conducting the same I come across an error which says that I need my cells type to be "Fluid" and not "shells", but the grid generated using "Pro-Surf" consists of "shell type cells".

Now I am unable to find a way to convert my existing Shell type cells to Fluid type cells.Is there a way to figure this out?

Also,If a mesh is created using "Pro-Am" and then the CREATE 3d GRID section is used to create an overlaying mesh, is there a way to get rid of the previous mesh which is created using "Pro-AM" and just restore the mesh created using CREATE 3d GRID?

Appreciate your help in this regard

Andrea October 8, 2008 04:36

Re: Create 3d Grid query - Star cd 3.24.0 version
I think you should do the tutorials in the Pro-AM section of Star-Cd to understand more of what you are doing...
You can create a toroidal fluid mesh directly through the CREATE 3D GRIDS USING SIMPLE SHAPES tool as you said. Before doing it you must go to Tool -> Cell Tool and activate a cell type where the type of cell is set to "fluid". This means that future cells created will be fluid cells, 3d cells.
If you have a complex geometry or you want to use the shell-surface-mesh you created in pro-surf you can follow the mesh creation process in pro-AM: by that way you can "convert" a surface mesh (shell type) to a volume mesh (fluid cells type for simplicity)...
You can store a mesh using the command "dbase", try to look at it in the help section of the code.
Hope that helps, bye!

Pankaj October 8, 2008 10:26

Re: Create 3d Grid query - Star cd 3.24.0 version

Thank you very much. I figured out my mistake and things worked well for me from there on!

I created a mesh using Pro-am and later compress the previous mesh using Create 3d grid tool and then generated a toroidal mesh!

Thanks again.

Wei October 15, 2008 09:36

Re: Create 3d Grid query - Star cd 3.24.0 version
Hi Pankaj,

I am working on the transient moving mesh problem as well using STAR-CD 4.

I am looking for the tutorial 13 internal combustion engine in STAR-CD 3.

If possible, can you please send me a copy of the tutorial with practising file.

Thank you.


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