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usker December 26, 2008 07:13

Large Eddy Simulation
I run LES with Star-CD 3.26 and monitor velocity and turbulent kinetic energy in one cell. I do FFT and plot the turbulent energy spectrum. I guess this spectrum is for resolved scale only. Right?

How to get the entire spectrum (Resolved+Modeled) or the energy spectrum for Sub-Grid scale?

I have found in Star-CD forum that when we run LES, .lesc file is stored in the directory, but in my case this file is not stored. What am I doing wrong?

What kind of additional settings I have to do to run LES?

Please advise


usker December 30, 2008 22:19

Re: Large Eddy Simulation
So far my post was viewed by 40 people or so, and there is no any comment or recommendation. I can assume that this may be because of three things:

1) Most of the CFD experts are on winter vacation and don't want to bother their heads with this complex stuff related to CFD.

2) Large Eddy Simulation is not widely used with STAR-CD code.

3) People want to stay away from LES turbulence modeling due to its uncertainty and limitation in computer power.

I wish you all Happy and Productive New Year!!!

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