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Vinicius January 19, 2009 10:03

HyperMesh x ProStar
Im a new ProStar user and I have large experience using FEA pre-processors. Nowadays I use HyperMesh for FEA and I want to know whats better, considering the relationship between time x Mesh quality: do the superficial mesh on HyperMesh and import on Prostar to generate Volumetric mesh, or generate both (superficial and volumetric) on ProStar.

And what about the tool called wraping, does it faster than closing the surfaces on HyperMesh??

Thanks in advance

Andrea January 21, 2009 05:09

Re: HyperMesh x ProStar
Use Star-CCM+ to generate the mesh and also for the run...if you really need Star-Cd just import your CCM+ mesh into Star-Cd and run it.

putin January 21, 2009 16:30

Re: HyperMesh x ProStar

hypermesh it the top mesher On FEA.

in cfd the things are a little different, the solvers many times can work only with their own mesh, this is due to the fact that the cfd companies start working at the same time to several places on earth, so they create solvers for their mesh, we are working with hypermesh only when we need to have also hyperstudy, this is a very good reason to work with hypermesh/study, you can make very good optimization, for only cfd just take an hour to make the tutorials and then you will be able to mesh anything.


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