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NaMe May 1, 2009 04:57

es-ice 2.10 problem..
Dear star-cd users,

I have problem with es-ice 2.10. Before esice v.2.10 I used 2.02 and 2.04.

I tried to generate trimmed mesh with 2.10 but it fails.
I did all setting with 2.02 and then i could generate the trimmed mesh. also I run this mesh with physical setting in star-cd 4.02.

then I decided to use same setted file (file saved before template) with 2.10. I open this file with 2.10 and only pushed the button Make Template, Read Template and Cut. But it always fails.. Again i tried with 2.02, it is ok.. but with 2.10 it fails..

I am using new esice version on Linux and Windows ...

If you know any extra parametres have to be setted, please inform me..

thanks in advance..

sthamit August 31, 2010 15:56

Pro-Star: Shell Modeling
Dear all,

I am trying to simulate diesel combustion using Pro-Star.

I am using ECFM-3Z combustion model which is ofcourse for diesel. I, however, wonder what is the best reaction type and model combination !!
Could you please help.

What should I use:

1. Reaction Type:
a) Premixed
b) Partially Premixed
c) Unpremixed/Diffusion
d) Heterogenous

2. Reaction Model:
a) EBU Standard
b) EBU Modwall
d) Chemical Kinetics.....and so on?

Thanks in advance


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