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scottneh March 6, 2011 14:47

Batch Runs and Spread Sheets

I have been using STAR-CCM+ for about a year now and have been running multiple data sets and populating a spread sheet manually. I'm curious if anyone knows if there is a way I can create a batch file of sorts or a macro and use that to run my simulations. I'd like to be able to set the parameters from cells in the spread sheet and populate the spread sheet with data automatically. Or at least program the simulation parameters into the batch (macro) file and have it run and populate the spread sheet. The parameters that would change are, initial flow velocity, Mach number, and reference pressure.

Any help would be appreciated


rwryne March 7, 2011 14:08

You can set up a macro to export plots to CSV with ease. Just record yourself doing it in STAR-CCM+ and work it into a macro.

scottneh March 7, 2011 14:23

Thanks for replying. I'm have not created any macros yet in Star CCM+, I have only been running simulations manually so I don;t know how to build the macros yet. What I would like to do is take to data points from the last iteration and do that for each steady state run after it converges. I don't really need the plots that are generated during convergence.

Paulh March 8, 2011 16:57

JAVA has the ability to interface with MicroSoft files through

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