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Zlew May 18, 2011 18:32

Star CCM+ 4.05 ignoring volume mesh
Hello, I imported an .msh file as created within the Ansys workbench package into Star CCM, which consisted of a block which acted as the wind tunnel, and the bluff body, which in this case is a complicated model of a car, which sits just above the floor of the tunnel.

I chose to do it this way as when importing directly into star ccm, the imported mesh throws up a lot of errors, cannot be fixed with the wrapper in any reasonable mesh base size settings without cropping the entirety of the car and fails with the remesher. It is infeasible to correct them on the CAD program used to make this file. The external mesher did not have any issues with the cad model

Star ccm recognises the wind tunnel just fine, but ignores the car. I can get the program to set the boundary conditions for the car and tunnel, and even run to solve, but the result is as if the car in the tunnel did not exist. Is there a reason why this could be?

I don't have a problem supplying the .sim file if necessary, but I am very new to this program.

Thanks for reading

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