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pete June 4, 2012 09:43

Welcome to this new forum. The intention with this forum is to provide a place where people who are interested in hiring someone for a short period of time can post their requests for help. We get a lot of posts here that belong in other forums. Please indicate in your post that you are willing to pay for help. If you are not willing to pay your post does not belong in this forum.

If you wonder what a Freelancer is Wikipedia has a nice description here.

Companies and freelancers selling services: Please do not use this forum for advertising your services. Please only use it to reply to messages from potential customers and always make sure to clearly state your full affiliation and name when replying, both in private and publicly. We will remove all ads and ban repeating offenders from the forums.

Please also remember that CFD Online do not have any control over who replies and offers help here. We do not endorse or review the people who will reply, so you are on your own from here.

Far June 4, 2012 10:10

very good idea.

Hybrid August 8, 2012 00:00

A nice platform for the people who can support newbies or companies wish to work in CFD, can get some money and share their knowledge.

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