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thezack June 11, 2013 21:14

CFD (Fluent) Help Needed
Hi, my name is Zack. I am working with a group of graduate students on a water turbine for hydroelectric dam retrofits. We have recently been accepted to a nationwide (US) clean energy competition and have been working on our designs. It is my responsibility to handle the CFD portion of this project and predict power output and turbine efficiency. I have been trying to handle this project myself, however I have run into some issues in setting up the Dynamic Mesh tool. I would use the traditional sliding mesh technique, however the turbine being designed is not a traditional symmetric turbomachine, so I have to use dynamic mesh in 2-D.

I need somebody to help me with setting up my simulations. We would discuss the project over email and by phone (if necessary) and provide me with advice on troubleshooting and setting up my simulations. Your involvement would be done once as I have a clear understanding of how to set up my simulations for meaningful results. I have been working with Fluent for a few months now. I am not a complete newbie. I have been trying to get my simulations to work the way I want, but I have been encountering errors which I cannot fix myself.

I do not expect this project to last more than a couple of weeks. I would only expect you to work on this project for maximum an hour a day.

Since I am just need advice, and don't need you to carry out simulations on your own (unless you choose to), do not expect to be paid as much as a traditional freelance project. However, I can pay you for your efforts. If you are interested, please email me at Please let me know in the email how much you think you would deserve to be paid for this. Please only reply if you have extensive experience in dynamic meshing in Ansys Fluent. I am using Ansys 14. Thanks.

Waqas Ahmed June 15, 2013 13:05

Ceee Solutions; deals in variety of CFD areas
Hi Zack,

this project seems interesting. We are going to email you but quoting rate at initial. there may be some minor problem and we wont be charging for that.

Ceee solutions

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