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Keyvan_M September 5, 2013 07:36

Backward Facing Step for Re=800
Hello everyone.
I have developed a Fortran code for solving an incompressible flow over a backward facing step using these methods:

1.Finite Volume descritization of governing equations
2.artificial compressibility proposed by chorin for incompressible flows
3.Jameson's Averaging Method for calculating both convective and viscous fluxes
4.Artificial Dissipation due to the use of Jameson's Method for fluxes
5.A time marching scheme of RK4
6.A structured unified mesh

I have reached different answers using different geometries and variables but using this scheme is very difficult to reach an answer. as for lower Reynolds numbers it was easy, but higher reynolds apparently require different inlet velocity profiles which I have no concrete source to rely on. The same problem goes for Reynolds 800 which I have been struggling for some time now. I would really appreciate if anyone could give me some insight on this matter or any information regarding suitable variables(CFL Number, Artificial Compressibility Parameter, Or the geometry itself) to solve it at Reynolds number of 800. :)

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