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mbn1456 December 31, 2013 19:03

Need Help with Openfoam
I live in Canada and looking for some one to help me with applying OF to marine problems (wave-structure interaction). This is an example of what I am trying to achieve:

I need help with
1-pre-processing (building CAD model and meshing it)
2-visualizing the simulation results
3-taking advantage of amazon HPC resources.

I have some background in CFD, Linux and have ran simulation of similar kind using commercial software.


Hemen Shah January 1, 2014 11:38

Hello Mehrdad,

Hi-Tech will be happy to assist you in your project.

Please visit :
Hi-Tech: Engineering Services - CAE, FEA, CFD :
To view our services and case studies.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Hemen Shah.

Hannes_Kiel January 2, 2014 12:58

Hi Mehrdad,

we're specialising in marine-CFD simulations with OpenFOAM. Please contact me at hannes[at] and taka a look at our website.

Best Regards,
Hannes Renzsch

sail January 2, 2014 15:08

Dear Mehrda,

Right now we are closed for holidays, but your problem seems something we can help you with. We are specialized in multiphase - marine problems in OpenFOAM and even if we havn't have done simulations about breaking waves yet, it is a topic we'd love to dig our teeths into. You can find more information about our experience and projects, along with our contact information at

Best regards


carlosrv27 December 1, 2014 08:51

Online CFD with OpenFOAM course
I recomend our Online CFD with OpenFOAM course. The course is aimed to people who has no knowledge in OpenFOAM. You can consult more details in this link:

We also offer a C++ applied to OpenFOAM online course for people which knowledge in OpenFOAM

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